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Property Renting

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Property Renting

Property Renting

When people reside away from their permanent homes, the best thing that they can do is to put their properties up for renting. If nothing more, it is a channel of extra income that can prove to be beneficial for the homeowners. Today, a lot of people have to make regular visits to their properties in order to keep a check on the property, negotiate with the tenants, pick up the rent, as well as to track the regular payment of utility bills.

With Loyal Global’s renting services, you can relax while we take care of these property-related responsibilities. Loyal Global also ensures maximum occupancy time throughout the year as we begin the process of identifying potential new tenants much before your present tenant prepares to vacate, during his notice period itself. This helps save time and money and also ensures that the property has occupants for the maximum time in a year.

Doing it all on your behalf

Loyal Global will find the most appropriate tenants for you through a panel of brokers or advertisements, depending upon the type of property. Identifying the right tenants, performing all required background checks, signing of the agreements, renewal work, and bill payments will all be taken care of with Loyal Global.

In fact, Loyal Global also has the provision of setting up a ‘tenant deposit account’ where the tenant’s deposit money will be put for safe keeping and returned to them at the time of vacating, without the owner having to be bothered about the transactions.