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Accounting services


Accounting services

Accounting services

Taking care of a property in a place that you do not access on a regular basis can end up causing a lot of hassle. If only owning property was as simple as having the deed in your name. Unfortunately, owning a property requires a number of other factors that need to be taken care of. These are basically accounting services that are related to the property. There is home insurance and there is property tax, and these are just the most basic of accounting. Apart from these, rent collection, repairs, insurance premiums and various taxes and bills, are also some of the tasks that need to be undertaken.

Loyal Global makes it convenient for you

With Loyal Global as your property management service provider, a lot of unnecessary trips that you would make for fulfilling sundry financial tasks associated with your property can be avoided. These financial tasks include: –

Rent collection – The collection of the due rent and its deposit into your account is undertaken by us.

Insurance Premiums – The payment of any due insurance premiums that will ensure that no lapse in home insurance coverage takes place is also taken care of by Loyal Global’s accounting services.

Payment of periodic property taxes – With Loyal Global, you can be rest assured that your property taxes are also dealt with on time.

Loyal Global helps you attain complete peace of mind, knowing that your property is in good hands.